2022 EGM and SOS & SOS 2005 AGM Papers

These digital papers are provided as sustainable alternatives to paper copies for the General Meetings scheduled for 6th April 2022 at Bayston Hill Memorial Hall. They are divided into three groups, corresponding to the three distinct meetings to be held sequentially. Unless otherwise stated, they are in PDF format and will open as a separate document in your browser.

If you are uncertain as to why we have two AGMs, this is explained here.

Extraordinary General Meeting – SOS (the Society)

This EGM has been necessiated by the need to make a minor adjustment to the Society’s constitution, which, as it stands, is in conflict with GDPR regulations regarding the privacy of members’ personal details, legislation which did not exist when our constitution was drawn up. The Agenda for this EGM is shown below that of the first AGM here. The specifics of this change and an outline of the required edits are detailed in the following document.

Annual General Meeting – SOS (the Society)

SOS 2005 (the limited liability company)