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Breaking News

Report Available. Swallows & House Martins in Hopesay Parish 2021 (John Tucker): [page 1] [page 2]

Obituary: SOS President, Peter Deans. Chris Whittles’ obituary for Pete is available here.

SOS ‘Save Our Curlews” Appeal. SOS is sponsoring an appeal to raise funds for conservation-related research into the status of Curlew. Shropshire plays a significant role in the conservation of this species in the UK. The project was launched in February 2020 but, unfortunately, work was postponed because of coronavirus restrictions, although observers continued to report. Regrettably, these data suggest that failure of chicks to fledge remains a major cause of the decline. The project began again in spring 2021. Most of the money required has been raised from SOS itself, donations from the Appeal in the February Buzzard, and from grants, all of which will be carried forward into 2021, but we still need to raise a few thousand pounds more to do all that we would like to. We need your help. To assist, download a donation form to print and contribute. For more information on the project, follow this link. Thank you

SOS and COVID-19

PLEASE VISIT THIS WEBSITE FOR THE LATEST INFORMATION ON COVID-19 IMPACTS ON SOS ACTIVITIES. THIS IS THE OFFICIAL SOURCE OF INFORMATION ON THE SOS’S RESPONSE TO THE PANDEMIC. Please check out the web pages on indoor meetings and fieldtrips for the latest on the status of these events. If online meetings become necessary again, we will be contacting all members who have submitted an email address for inclusion in the membership database by that means. If we do not yet hold a current email address, please see the green text box below the logo above.

FACE-TO-FACE SOS MEETINGS BEGIN AGAIN. Please note that, owing to the continuing prevalence of Covid-19, we will be following government guidance for enclosed and crowded spaces to minimise transmission of the virus. Hence, we are asking you to adhere to the following when attending our indoor meetings.

  • If you, or anyone you live with, have any symptoms of illness, especially a high temperature, new and persistent cough, or a loss of/change in sense of taste or smell, do not attend the meeting. There will be plenty of other SOS sessions in the future in which you can participate without the risk of infecting others.
  • Do not attend the meeting if you are currently required to self-isolate or if you have had a positive lateral flow test result.
  • Do not attend unless you have received two Covid-19 vaccinations (unless you have a medical exemption).
  • Do not enter the meeting unless you are wearing a face mask (unless you have a medical exemption) and wear it throughout as long as it is practicable (and always when standing or walking around).
  • Maintain a safe distance from other people in the meeting who are not part of your ‘bubble’, especially at ‘pinch points’ like queues for signing in and for refreshments.
  • Carry a bottle of hand disinfectant and use it before and after touching chairs, refreshment tables and other surfaces.
  • Seating will be less dense than normal in the hall. Do not move your chair closer to your neighbour unless she/he is in the same household.
  • It is likely that as many windows and doors as possible will be kept open during the meeting to aid ventilation. Please take this into consideration when choosing your clothing for the meeting – it might be chilly in the hall!

I trust you will help us ensure that SOS indoor meetings will not contribute to the further spread of Covid-19. Thank you for your co-operation.

VENUS POOL NEWS. While the hides at Venus Pool Reserve are now open, there are precautions in place for their use under Covid-19. Details are available here. Please comply with these procedures for the saferty of yourself and other VP users.


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The Society

The SOS party on the Cairngorm summit (Jim Almond)

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