Field Trip Information and Guidelines

Information for Members joining Society Field Trips

The SOS holds a number of field trips during the year, to various locations, with different conditions, in order to learn more about birds and their behaviour and habitats, for the general enjoyment of members and visitors.

However, to minimise the likelihood of incidents and/or adverse events, it is essential that all concerned be aware that certain guidelines need to be followed.

  1. The SOS holds Public Liability Insurance which covers all individuals who decide to join field trips.
  2. In the absence of an Excursion Secretary, the field trips are being organised by members of the Development & Publicity Sub-Committee, which is acting as the organiser only. A leader will be nominated for each trip.
  3. If you decide to join a field trip, please telephone the organiser/leader during the week prior to the trip. This is to give an indication of the numbers coming on any trip, and in order to pass on any relevant information such as change in meeting times and/or places, and possible cancellations due to weather conditions. Please note that any young people under 17 should be accompanied by a responsible adult.
  4. If you decide that, once you have indicated an interest, you cannot attend, please inform the organiser/leader, so that the group as a whole are not kept waiting for you to arrive at the excursion location.
  5. Those attending a trip should provide a telephone number, preferably a mobile, in case contact is required.
  6. To ensure the health & safety of all concerned, at the beginning of a trip the organiser/leader will give out information about any site hazards, assembly times/places and communication information.
  7. If at any time during a trip, you decide to leave the group, please inform the organiser/leader.
  8. All field trips may include traversing fairly rough terrain. It is essential that all members joining field trips come with suitable clothing and footwear, appropriate to the terrain and weather conditions. An adequate supply of food & drink should be taken. Members must be aware of the hazards that could be encountered on country walks, such as insect bites/stings and terrain hazards. It should be remembered that toilet facilities and refreshments may not be available in the immediate vicinity of the walk.
  9. Members joining field trips should comply with these guidelines, at their own risk. If you feel uncomfortable about the conditions under which the trip is being made, or doubtful of your own ability to take part, this should be discussed with the organiser/leader, whose decision to exclude members for whatever reason is final.
  10. It should be understood that all organisers/leaders are doing so in a purely voluntary capacity on behalf of the SOS. They cannot be held responsible for any unforeseen event and/or incident.

All of the SOS activities described above are carried out by Shropshire Ornithological Society 2005 (Company Limited by Guarantee, Reg. No. 5322294, Charity No. 1108166).

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