The Shropshire Raptor Study Group

The Shropshire Raptor Study Group was set up in 2010, with the active support of SOS. Membership is restricted to people who will go out and actively look for birds of prey. The Group are looking particularly for Goshawk, Hobby, Merlin and Red Kite. We are co-operating with, but not duplicating, separate species groups such as the Peregrine Group.

The Group is an advisory member of the North of England Raptor Forum (NERF).

Nest sites are confidential, but we  publish data at the tetrad or 10 km square level.  Terms of Reference are available, along with our Annual Report for 2021 as an example of our activities.

If any SOS member knows of a nest site of any of the target species, or finds one in future, we would be very grateful for details, in the strictest confidence, of course.

New members who can show an interest in monitoring and conserving birds of prey, and the skill and willingness to undertake the necessary fieldwork, are welcome to apply to join. Please see here for further details and, in the first instance, contact the Convenor, Leo Smith (01694 720296 or


Page updated: 06/10/2022