Rarities Committee Activity and Decisions

The SOS Conservation subcommittee determined recently that it would be useful to publish a list of accepted and pending records submitted to the Rarities Committee. This will provide a means of keeping the observers abreast of the current status of their observations – which are still in circulation, which have been found not proven on what was provided, and which remain to be submitted.

In addition, it is hoped that providing such a document might prompt a few more submissions and even some extra records that have been missed. In addition, if you have any further information about any of the records that have yet to be submitted, please contact the County Bird Recorder, John Martin. His contact information is as follows:

  • 39 Sandygate Avenue, Shrewsbury, SY2 6TF
  • 07443 544 962
  • email

Observers’ names and the votes of the committee have been removed, as has any information that might compromise the safety of the rarities listed. The entries that show a coloured background on the list are the ones that have been submitted to the Rarities Committee.

.This list will be updated periodically.

To view the latest list (dated 22 January 2022), please follow this link.


Page updated: 25/02/2022