Membership Request (Family)

How to submit your membership application. Please complete all of the relevant sections below. You must respond to questions marked “required” to be able to submit your application. Then select the “Submit” button to request membership. Please note the section of the form explaining procedures for payment of your subscription. Also be aware that the person identified as “Adult 1” will be the prime recipient of communications from the Society.

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We understand that the details given on this form will be retained digitally by the Society for mailing and related purposes. For more information on SOS Data Protection Standards governing Society use of your details provided in this membership application, see

The Society magazine, 'The Buzzard', is available in either paper or online digital form. Which would you prefer?(required)

SOS hopes to have a downloadable version of the annual bird report available in the near future., Would you be interested in receiving the bird report in this way?

Gift Aid. Any contribution to the Society, including subscriptions, can be supplemented at no extra cost to the donor. The only requirement is that the person giving Gift Aid should be a UK tax payer (income tax or capital gains tax). We hope that you will wish to maximise the contribution of your membership by agreeing to the following Declaration. 'Please treat as Gift Aid all qualifying gifts of money from the date of this declaration and in the past four years. I am a UK taxpayer and understand that if I pay less income or capital gains tax for each tax year than the amount of the Gift Aid claimed on my donations, it is my responsibility to pay any difference. I will inform SOS if (a) I cease to pay sufficient tax as defined above, (b) I change my name or home address, and/or (c) I wish to cancel this declaration.' I agree to contribute Gift Aid on my membership subscription subject to the requirements of the Declaration given above.(required)

YOU MAY PAY YOUR SUBSCRIPTION BY BANK TRANFER (PREFERRED) OR BY CHEQUE. Please select the appropriate option below and then complete the following section.(required)

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Page updated: 15/05/2024