The Shropshire Raptor Study Group: Membership Application

We have a lot of ground to cover: at 3487 square kilometres, Shropshire is the UK’s largest inland county. That’s why we need more members to help us find and monitor scarce raptors in all parts of the County.

We therefore welcome applications from experienced bird watchers who have the necessary identification skills to find raptors, and who have the commitment and time to be able to search for nest sites, monitor them and record the outcomes.

All applicants must support the Policies and Terms of Reference of the Group and be willing to become actively involved in our work monitoring raptors and promoting conservation.

Unfortunately, birds of prey are still illegally persecuted, so we need to ensure that all people admitted to membership support raptor conservation, and understand and respect the need for nest sites to be kept confidential. Birders who are already known to someone in the Group can apply, but it is necessary to assess all other applicants. Suitable applicants will expect this as a matter of course.

Birders who are not known to anyone in the Group, but accept these terms, are very welcome to apply to be SRSG members. If you want to apply, you must:

  • confirm support for the group’s Policies and Terms of Reference
  • provide a summary of experience, particularly knowledge of raptors
  • give details of any licences held currently or previously
  • provide references from suitably qualified people or organisations confirming your birding skills and commitment to conservation, as well as general character references

We may follow up any of the information provided, and/or contact the referees.

If your application is accepted, your initial membership will be for a probationary period of one year. During this period:

  • you will be asked to find the approximate location of raptor nests in a mutually agreed 10-km square during the breeding season
  • if any are located, a member of the Group with the appropriate licence will accompany you to look for the nest(s)
  • if you wish, you will be able to go out with a Group member looking for nests
  • you will be kept informed of activities, but have limited access to confidential data

After this, your skills and commitment should be well enough known for the Group to consider and confirm that the probationary period has been successfully completed.

If you want to actively support our aims, we hope that you will apply to join, initially for a probationary period. We really are very keen to increase our membership of like-minded and committed birders.

If you want any further information, or you want to discuss this, please contact me. Otherwise please send your application for membership to the address below.

Leo Smith
December 2013

The Bryn, Castle Hill, All Stretton, Church Stretton, Shropshire SY6 6JP

01694 720296 or

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