Hobby Survey in Shropshire

The Hobby is now a well-established if scarce breeding bird in Shropshire and seen regularly throughout the county, even in the more exposed upland areas such as the Long Mynd.

However it is one of the more interesting species to look for in the lowland arable areas of the county and the SOS would like to get better estimates of the number of breeding pairs in Shropshire.

The population may be roughly stable following definite growth in numbers in the eighties and nineties but the infrequent observations and large territories make it a difficult species to estimate with any sort of accuracy.

Hobby (photo: Jim Almond)

If you are interested in raptors and are prepared to put in effort in surveying one or more 10 km squares in the county between May and September, then please get in touch with:

Gerry Thomas
Tel 01630-652662
Mobile 07790-492355
Email gerry.thomas7@btinternet.com

Coverage of the Central and North-western parts of the County (e.g. Shrewsbury & Telford districts, Ellesmere & Oswestry areas) is particularly welcome.

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Page updated: 28/03/2021