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Breaking News

Forthcoming book on the ornithological work of William E Beckwith. John and Peter Tucker are currently working on producing a collection of the complete publications of Beckwith on the birds of Shropshire for the period 1867-93, with a scheduled publication date of November of this year. Further information on the volume is available at this link. If you would be interested in acquiring this volume, John would appreciate hearing from you – email him here.

Colour-ringed Curlew Sightings Required. For more information, select this link.

Obituary – Frank Gribble, SOS President. To read an obituary for our late Present, Frank Gribble, please select this link.

URGENT: Vacant Appointments. The Society has a remit to ensure that there is a programme of indoor speakers and a series of field trips throughout year. These have traditionally been carried out by the Indoor Programme Secretary and the Excursion Secretary, respectively. The roles include being members of the Development & Publicity Sub-Committee (D&PSC). Jean Rickard has done an excellent job over the last seven years in organising the annual speakers’ programme and being on hand at each indoor meeting to meet the speakers and sort out any problems. She has now taken on the role of helping Brian Andrews out with the Treasurer’s job and being a member of the Management Committee. As such she has indicated that she would prefer to hand the role over to someone else, having completed a full programme for 2017. The role of Excursion Secretary has been open for nearly 10 years, so the D&PSC have carried out the role of organising the Field Trip programme in the interim. This is a responsible position but is not onerous, and could be shared. It is also enjoyable in many ways, since it involves passing on birding knowledge to members and, hopefully, to the younger generation. It would be of great benefit to the society and its members if there were people within the Society who would enjoy filling these roles. If anyone is interested please get in contact with Sue Brealey or any other Management Committee member to discuss what is involved. [Sue Brealey]

Wetland Bird Survey: Volunteer Counters Required. The purpose of the Wetland Bird Survey (WeBS) is to:
i) Assess sizes of non-breeding species of waterbird populations in the UK.
ii) Assess of long-term trends of numbers and distributions of species.
iii) Identify sites of conservation importance for individual species.
iv) Detect locations of population changes of species.
v) Computation of site thresholds for UK national and international importance.
WeBS data is used by Wetlands international to report upon and co-ordinate wetland status at an
international scale. Surveys are undertaken from September to March on prescribed weekends, preferably on Sundays which, if inconvenient, can be done alternatively during Friday to Monday of the weekend. Breeding sites are surveyed during April to August. If requested, an introductory survey practise will arranged.
Chelmarsh Reservoir, near Bridgnorth, SO731877 is an important site in urgent need of a counter.
Interested persons please contact Michael Wallace, BTO Shropshire WeBS Local Organiser, 75 Larkhill Road, Shrewsbury, SY3 8XJ. T: 01743 369035, Email: michaelwallace47@gmail.com. For more information, select this link.

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The SOS party on the Cairngorm summit (Jim Almond)

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