“Shropshire Bird Report” questionnaire

As you will be aware if you were at the 2023 AGM of SOS, the Society is has incurred significantly increased costs for distributing the Shropshire Bird Report due to the volume’s larger size and changes in Post Office mailing rates.

One option to lower costs would be to distribute it as an online document (in PDF format) to those who would welcome such an option. Many bird clubs similar to SOS have already done this.

The purpose of this survey is to get a sense of how willing (or otherwise) SOS members would be to receiving SBR in digital format.

I would emphasise that SOS has no plans for an immediate switch to electronic publication of SBR. However, we would like to be able to estimate how popular such a change might be should this option become a viable alternative to the printed document.

Please answer the questions in the form below and then click “Submit” to send your views to SOS.

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John Arnfield
SOS Web Manager


Page updated: 24/04/2023