SOS Species Codes

Note: A full description is required for species shown in bold type except when marked * which indicates that it is not required for summer-plumaged drakes and spring males.

?? = Code not allocated – write in full name.

RH Red-throated Diver

BV Black-throated Diver

ND Great Northern Diver

LG Little Grebe

GG Great Crested Grebe

RX Red-necked Grebe

SZ Slavonian Grebe

BN Black-necked Grebe

TL Leach’s Storm Petrel

CA Great Cormorant

SA European Shag

BI Great Bittern

ET Little Egret

HW Great Egret

H Grey Heron

UR Purple Heron

OR White Stork

NB Eurasian Spoonbill

MS Mute Swan

BS Tundra Swan

WS Whooper Swan (no description
required for birds recorded in the
Severn-Vyrnwy confluence area).

BE Bean Goose

PG Pink-footed Goose

WG Greater White-fronted Goose

GJ Greylag Goose

SJ Snow Goose

CG Canada Goose

BY Barnacle Goose

BG Brent Goose

EG Egyptian Goose

UD Ruddy Shelduck

SU Common Shelduck

MN Mandarin Duck

WN Eurasian Wigeon

GA Gadwall

T Eurasian Teal

MA Mallard

PT Northern Pintail

GY Garganey*

SV Northern Shoveler

RQ Red-crested Pochard*

PO Common Pochard

NG Ring-necked Duck

FD Ferruginous Duck

TU Tufted Duck

SP Greater Scaup

AY Lesser Scaup

LN Long-tailed Duck

CX Black Scoter

VS Velvet Scoter

GN Goldeneye

SY Smew

RM Red-breasted Merganser

GD Goosander

RY Ruddy Duck

HZ European Honey Buzzard

KT Red Kite

MR Eurasion Marsh Harrier

HH Hen Harrier (descriptions may
not be required for birds seen in
the winter months)

MO Montagu’s Harrier

GI Northern Goshawk

SH Eurasian Sparrowhawk

BZ Common Buzzard

RF Rough-legged Buzzard

OP Osprey

K Common Kestrel

FV Red-footed Falcon

ML Merlin

HY Eurasian Hobby

PE Peregrine Falcon

RG Willow Ptarmigan (Red Grouse)

RL Red-legged Partridge

P Grey Partridge

Q Common Quail

PH Common Pheasant

GF Golden Pheasant

WA Water Rail

AK Spotted Crake

CE Corncrake

MH Moorhen

CO Common Coot

AN Common Crane

OC Eurasian Oystercatcher

AV Pied Avocet

LP Little Plover

RP Ringed Plover

DO Eurasian Dotterel

GP European Golden Plover

GV Grey Plover

L Northern Lapwing

KN Red Knot

SS Sanderling

LX Little Stint

TK Temminck’s Stint

PP Pectoral Sandpiper

PS Purple Sandpiper

CV Curlew Sandpiper

DN Dunlin

RU Ruff

JS Jack Snipe

SN Common Snipe

WK Eurasian Woodcock

BW Black-tailed Godwit

BA Bar-tailed Godwit

WM Whimbrel

CU Eurasian Curlew

DR Spotted Redshank

RK Common Redshank

GK Common Greenshank

GE Green Sandpiper

OD Wood Sandpiper

CS Common Sandpiper

PQ Spotted Sandpiper

TT Ruddy Turnstone

NK Red-necked Phalarope

PL Grey Phalarope

PK Pomarine Skua

AC Arctic Skua

OG Long-tailed Skua

NX Great Skua

MU Mediterranean Gull

LU Little Gull

BH Black-headed Gull

IN Ring-billed Gull

CM Mew Gull

LB Lesser Black-backed Gull

HG Herring Gull

YG Yellow-legged Gull

IG Iceland Gull

GZ Glaucous Gull

GB Great Black-backed Gull

KI Black-legged Kittiwake

TE Sandwich Tern

CN Common Tern

AE Arctic Tern

AF Little Tern

BJ Black Tern

WJ White-winged Black Tern

DV Rock Pigeon

SD Stock Pigeon

WP Common Wood Pigeon

CD Eurasian Collared Dove

TD European Turtle Dove

RI Rose-ringed Parakeet

CK Common Cuckoo

BO Barn Owl

LO Little Owl

TO Tawny Owl

LE Long-eared Owl

SE Short-eared Owl

NJ European Nightjar

SI Common Swift

KF Common Kingfisher

MZ European Bee-eater

HP Hoopoe

WY Eurasian Wryneck

G Green Woodpecker

GS Great Spotted Woodpecker

LS Lesser Spotted Woodpecker

WL Wood Lark

S Skylark

SM Sand Martin

SL Barn Swallow

VR Red-rumped Swallow

HM House Martin

TP Tree Pipit

MP Meadow Pipit

RC Rock Pipit

WI Water Pipit

YW Yellow Wagtail

GL Grey Wagtail

PW Pied Wagtail

?? White Wagtail*

WX Bohemian Waxwing

DI Dipper

WR Wren

D Hedge Accentor

R Robin

N Common Nightingale

1106 Bluethroat

BX Black Redstart

RT Common Redstart

WC Whinchat

SC Common Stonechat

W Northern Wheatear

RZ Ring Ouzel

B Common Blackbird

FF Fieldfare

ST Song Thrush

RE Redwing

M Mistle Thrush

CW Cetti’s Warbler

GH Common Grasshopper Warbler

SW Sedge Warbler

RW Reed Warbler

LW Lesser Whitethroat

WH Common Whitethroat

GW Garden Warbler

BC Blackcap

WO Wood Warbler

CC Chiffchaff

WW Willow Warbler

GC Goldcrest

FC Firecrest

SF Spotted Flycatcher

PF Pied Flycatcher

LT Long-tailed Tit

MT Marsh Tit

WT Willow Tit

CT Coal Tit

GT Great Tit

BT Blue Tit

NH Wood Nuthatch

TC Eurasian Treecreeper

ED Red Backed Shrike

OL Eurasian Golden Oriole

SR Great Grey Shrike

OO Woodchat Shrike

J Eurasian Jay

MG Magpie

JD Eurasian Jackdaw

RO Rook

HC Hooded Crow

C Carrion Crow

RN Common Raven

SG Common Starling

OE Rosy Starling

HS House Sparrow

TS Eurasian Tree Sparrow

CH Chaffinch

BL Brambling

GR European Greenfinch

GO European Goldfinch

SK Eurasian Siskin

LI Linnet

TW Twite

FR Common Redpoll

LR Lesser Redpoll

CR Common Crossbill

BF Bullfinch

HF Hawfinch

SB Snow Bunting

Y Yellowhammer

RB Reed Bunting

CB Corn Bunting

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