SOS Speaker Feedback Form

Please submit this form if you wish to provide feedback to the SOS Indoor Programme Co-ordinator on one of our speakers. Complete the questions asked below and then click on the ‘Submit’ button at the foot of the form to send it to the Co-ordinator. There is sometimes a short delay before the website responds. Do not click ‘Submit’ a second time unless you get no confirmation of your submission within 60 seconds.

[contact-form to=”” subject=”Indoor Programme Feedback Form”][contact-field label=”Speaker’s Name or Talk Topic” type=”text”][contact-field label=”Date of Meeting” type=”date”][contact-field label=”Did you enjoy this talk?” type=”radio” options=”Did not enjoy,OK,Very enjoyable”][contact-field label=”Did you learn anything from the talk?” type=”radio” options=”Not really,A little,Very informative”][contact-field label=”Would you welcome the speaker back for another talk ?” type=”radio” options=”No,Wouldn’t mind,Most definitely”][contact-field label=”Are there any other comments you wish to make on this event? ” type=”textarea”][/contact-form]

Thank you for your feedback. It is important to try and help us all improve our enjoyment of the indoor meetings. If you have any further suggestions etc you can also email this address.

IMPORTANT. Please note that you comments will carry your identity – they will NOT be anonymous.


Page updated: 23/07/2018