Research Projects and Reports

The SOS encourages members to participate in its own research projects and those organised by other groups and individuals. The links below will take you to information on these. Some projects are listed on this page below while others are elsewhere on this website or at external websites. As and when reports on projects are available they will be added to this website.

In addition, users of this website are encouraged to make use of a major item of historical ornithological scholarship by John and Peter Tucker, The Historical Ornithology of Shropshire. This link takes you to a wealth of historical materials relating to birds in the County with various ways of accessing particular documents (which are largely available as scanned digital copies or the originals).

Breeding Bird Survey (BBS)

As part of the British Trust for Ornithology’s national survey of breeding birds, the SOS is encouraging its members to participate in this important study. Observers visit a randomly selected 1 km square (from the Ordnance Survey map) and walk two transects across the area counting all the birds that they see. This is done twice during the breeding season with one other visit to record habitat details. If you are interested in taking part in this survey, select this link for information and/or contact Jonathan Groom, BTO representative for Shropshire, at 18 Rea Street, Shrewsbury, SY2 7PR or by email. We currently have over 50 squares being surveyed in the County, giving us our own BBS index – so come and join the fun!  It takes only three two hour field visits a year.  You don’t have to be an ‘expert’ but the ability to identify bird calls and song is needed.

Clee Hill Wheatear Study

Dave Fulton has been studying the Wheatears that breed around the summit of the Clee Hills and he will appreciate any sightings of colour-ringed Wheatears away from his study site on the Clee Hill. Full colour ring combinations would be ideal but Dave would be delighted hear of any sightings of Wheatear wearing colour rings, including out-of-county records. Please make a note of the date and location and let Dave know by calling 01746 861580.

Lapwing Survey

The Lapwing has declined in numbers as a breeding bird both nationally and in Shropshire. The SOS has joined with the Shropshire Wildlife Trust and other agencies in an attempt to reverse the current trend. The SOS has agreed to collate all sightings of the species on behalf of the other partners in this project. Please report every sighting of Lapwings during the breeding season (late March to July) to include any evidence of breeding. The amazing aerobatic display flights early in the season will indicate where pairs are setting up home and, if followed up, may lead to confirmation of breeding by seeing sitting birds or young Lapwings later in the season. All reports should be submitted to Martyn Owen, the County Bird Recorder via email.

Shropshire Mute Swans

For many years now Martin Grant has been keeping the records of all colour-ringed Mute Swans in Shropshire and he asks that, if anyone observes a colour-ringed Mute Swan in the County, they send the ring number with date and location to him at he will send previous sightings and ringing information to the reporter.


Page updated: 06/02/2018