Recent Bird Reports

This page covers reports received during 2018. It is NOT intended as a “rare bird alert” but as an archive of notable (and not-so-notable) bird observations in the County. For previous years’ reports, scroll to the menu at the bottom of the page.

Please send notable bird reports to the County Bird Recorder or to Birdtrack.

Sightings for listing on this page should be sent here. Please note that submissions are not edited for grammar or spelling.

Time-sensitive rarity reports are best sent to the SOS Twitter or Facebook feeds  but do not reveal location information on sensitive breeding species.

Broseley (2 Feb) – Pair of Hawfinches in garden (?)

Rae Brook (21 Jan) – Albino magpie along the Raebrook this morning, inbetween the playing field and the back of Sainsbury’s. Definitely a magpie with no black plumage. (L. Carpenter)

Whitcliffe Common, Ludlow (14 Jan) – Good viewing of approx 15 Hawfinch in treetops but v mobile between Whitcliffe road and riverside paths (Harvey Sherwood)

Bury Ditches (14 Jan) – Short-eared Owl (Richard & Ann Pearce)

Clun/Clunton area (13 Jan) – Great Grey Shrike again seen hunting from roadside hedge between Clun and Clunton at SO312812. This location approx 1 mile North of regular Black Hill GGShrike sightings (Harvey Sherwood)

Buildwas (14 Jan) – Little egret feeding in horse paddocks adjacent to River Severn (Glenn Bishton)

Bury Ditches (10 Jan) – Crossbill – at least 28 by track between car park and hill fort in larches, beech and birch including several red males and lots of singing and calling. Also Willow Tit and Green Woodpecker (Peter Jennings).

B4368 between Clun and Clunton (6 Jan) – Great Grey Shrike in hedgerow along road below Radnor Wood – also seen before Christmas (Ed Griffiths).

Greyfriars Bridge, Shrewsbury (3 Jan) – American Wood Duck (Phil Boak).

Records published here are unconfirmed and are provided for information only. Access to sites named is not granted by its mention on this page – please do not trespass on private property. For some sites details are given on the Guide to Shropshire Birding Sites page. Records of birds should be sent to the County Bird Recorder Ian Grant. For more information on submission of records click here. Locations of rare breeding birds should be submitted to the County Recorder but will not be published due to the risk of disturbance.

You can also submit your records to the SOS Twitter or Facebook feeds but please do not reveal any location information about breeding rare birds or other sensitive species. For more information on such records, please read this SOS policy statement.

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