Two Simple Surveys – 2019

The Average Swallow Arrival Date

We have the dates of first Swallows since 1886 but when do MOST of them arrive? We would like every SOS member to help with this experiment to find out, this year. The request will go out in the press and on local radio – we do want hundreds of responses. Tell your friends.  Thank you.

When you see your first SWALLOW (or some Swallows together on the same day), in Shropshire, we want to know about it please: the date and place.

  1.  If you are alone, tell us about it at : or post to ‘Swallow SY7 8EW’.
  2.  If you are with others, decide which one will tell us, and submit the report.
  3. That report will be on behalf of all members of the group; please don’t submit it twice.
  4.  You only report that one FIRST Swallow.

John Tucker & Rob Rees

Resurvey of Shropshire Rookeries

The county survey of rookeries I organised in 2008 listed over 500, most with nest-counts – more than 9,000 nests.  How are they faring now?

Please look out for rookeries this spring and send in the location and the number of nests present please, when they have stopped building in late April/May. It will give us the data needed to detect any population changes which may have taken place.

Please report your rookery locations and nest counts: or post to ‘Rookeries  SY7 8EW’.  Thank you.

John Tucker


Page updated: 23/03/2019