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Photos submitted to this site are displayed on pages linked through the menu below, by year.

Please note that not all images submitted may be used, both for technical reasons and to avoid excessive duplication of species depicted.

Your photos are very welcome but must comply with the following conditions to be accepted.

  • Images must be saved with a width of 700-900 pixels.
  • File size should be less than 2 Mb to comply with upload restrictions imposed by the hosting company.
  • You should indicate the species, location (which should be in Shropshire) and date of the image and the name of the photographer.
  • Send your image to as an email attachment, rather than an inline image.

The web manager is unable to engage in correspondence on submitted images.

IMPORTANT! Copyright is held by the photographers of images shown on the following pages; do not use them without the permission of the copyright-holder.

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