Bird Reports

The SOS is the recognised body through which observations of species seen in our County are submitted, recorded and made available for bird study locally, nationally and internationally.

If you have any notable bird reports, please send them to BirdTrack or to the County Bird Recorder John Martin. For more information on submission of records click here. Locations of rare breeding birds should be submitted to the County Recorder but will not be published due to the risk of disturbance.

Please note that BirdTrack is now the recommended method of submitting records to the Shropshire county recorder. Data submitted via this means is returned to the Society on a regular basis and contributes to our knowledge of County bird life, including preparation of the annual Shropshire Bird Report.

This page covers informal reports received by the website manager. It is NOT intended as a “rare bird alert” but as an archive of interesting bird observations in the County.

Sightings for listing on this website should be sent here. Please note that submissions are not edited for grammar or spelling.

Time-sensitive rarity reports are best sent to the Twitter site Shropshire Ornithology but do not reveal location information on sensitive breeding species. For more information on such records, please read this SOS policy statement.

Note that records published here are unconfirmed and are provided for information only. Access to sites named is not granted by its mention on this page – please do not trespass on private property. For some sites, details are given on the Guide to Shropshire Birding Sites page.

The bird record data are organised by calendar year. Select the year required from the following menu.

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Page updated: 01/03/2021