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Field Trips: 2018

Colemere – 7th January – Report by Sue Brealey

On a very cold day, but dry, a small group of four, including a new member, started to arrive at Colemere for a half day walk. While waiting in the car park, Blackbird, Blue Tit Chaffinch, Great Tit, & Redwing were noted scurrying around the area, also a Kestrel hovering nearby. Once the group arrived after amount of time to see if anyone else would arrive, the walk was started to going round the lake anti-clockwise.

After going through the first gate, the group started to scan the lake. Along with the usual Canada Geese, Mallard, Coot and Black headed Gull, there were what was at first thought to be Tufted Duck, but on closer inspection the small group proved to a male with 2 female Goldeneye, looking really good in the light. The marshy area to the right, did not appear to show any other birds, and the group continued towards the wood. This appeared to be rather quite, possibly a result of the low temperatures and dog walkers. However, a Great spotted Woodpecker was spotted as well as Woodpigeon. A check of the nearby fields found nothing of note except for Carrion Crow and Jackdaw. The walk carried on through the wood, and then climbed up towards the canal, and the Yell Bridge. Again the woods were very quiet again, but going down towards the lake again a Robin was seen feeding on the ground. Further along a Song Thrush was seen. After going past the Little Mill, and in a bay, a large group of Goosander were seen, and then a group of Cormorant were seen fishing. A Grey Heron was seen on the far side of the lake.

Unfortunately for the rest of the walk proved that the number of birds around was really low. So after having enjoyed a nice walk, the group finished it and then went back home to our homes. A total of about 21.


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