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Records here are unconfirmed and are published for information only. Access to sites named is not granted by its mention on this page - please do not trespass on private property. For some sites details are given on the Guide to Sites page. Records of birds should be sent to the SOS County Bird Recorder Martyn Owen and for inclusion on this page. For more information on submission of records click here. Locations of rare breeding birds should be sent in but will not be published due to the risk of disturbance, click here to read a summary of the SOS directive.

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Titterstone Clee (26 Mar) - Ring Ouzel, White Wagtail, Wheatear late morning (Grant Hames) 4 Ring Ouzel, 4 Wheatear and a pair of Stonechats at 3pm. Ouzels originally by derelict buildings below car park but moved on down and north by walkers (Clive Biddulph)

Polemere (26 Mar) - Greenland White-fronted Goose again (Tom Lowe)

Venus Pool (25 Mar) - 48 Shoveller, 3 male Gadwall, male Pintail, 3 Oystercatchers, 10 Shelduck, 49 Mute Swans 6.15-7.30pm (Mike Cooper)

Titterstone Clee (25 Mar) - 4 Ring Ouzel below the car park, also 4 Wheatear (Rob Clipson)

Polemere (25 Mar) - Ruff still. Also Greenland White-fronted Goose again (Paul Burgess) photos to follow

Venus Pool (24 Mar) - Black-tailed Godwit at 4.35pm. Also 5 Fieldfare (Jenni Hood)

Priorslee Lake (23 Mar) - no sign of the Ring-necked Duck at midday or early evening at the Lake or the Flash. 3 pairs of Gadwall, 6 pairs GC Grebe, c20 Tufted Duck. At the Flash; c40 Tufted Duck and 70+ Magpies roosting on the island (Mike Cooper)

Whixall Moss (23 Mar) - Peregrine soaring high over, Stonechat, 4 displaying Curlew, several clling Chiffchaff, Raven, Reed Bunting, Green Woodpecker (Paul Johnston)

Polemere (22 Mar) - Ruff (Paul Burgess) photo

Chelmarsh (22 Mar) - Hen Harrier around the scrape at 6pm (Martyn Owen)

Venus Pool (22 Mar) - 6 Black-tailed Godwits (Jim Almond)

Priorslee Lake (22 Mar) - Ring-necked Duck, drake still (Jim Almond) photos

Priorslee Lake (21 Mar) - Ring-necked Duck, drake, at midday (John Reeves) Still present at dusk (Jim Almond)

Venus Pool (21 Mar) -  Corn Bunting, Red Kite, Dunlin, Snipe, Green Woodpecker - 50 species counted (Phil Jones) 3 House Martins in the evening (Jenny Jones)

Shifnal (20 Mar) - 345 Golden Plover in field off Upton Lane (Steve Gill)

Bourton (20 Mar) - female Black Redstart reported in a private garden (via Martyn Owen)

The Mere, Ellesmere (20 Mar) - adult Med Gull and adult Yellow-legged Gull in the roost (Robert Dowley)

Titterstone Clee (18 Mar) - male Wheatear in the main quarry. Also 3 Skylark and a pair of Stonechat (Di & Keith Williams)

Venus Pool (18 Mar) -  Hen Harrier (bns)

Polemere (17 Mar) - Wheatear , Chiffchaff, Sand Martin, Redshank, Green Sandpiper, 16 Pied Wagtail (Paul Burgess) photo

Venus Pool (17 Mar) -  Hen Harrier briefly late afternoon. 10 Whooper Swans (Jim Almond)

Bucknell Hill (17 March) - 2 Brambling (Len Lewis)

Polemere (16 Mar) - male Wheatear in hedge at 4.10pm (Dave Barrow)

Venus Pool (16 Mar) -  Hen Harrier, 3 Chiffchaff, Water Rail, c10 Corn Bunting, 10 Snipe, Shelduck, 50+ Yellowhammer, 30+ Reed Bunting (Geoff Holmes)

Cantlop (16 Mar) - Stonechat in garden (Tom Lowe)

Shrewsbury (16 Mar) - male Blackcap singing in garden (Graham Walker)

Trench Pool (15 Mar) -  adult Yellow-legged Gull and 3+ Chiffchaff (Kris Webb)

Venus Pool (15 Mar) -  Hen Harrier, also 22 Corn Bunting (several singing) (Helen Griffiths)

Bridges (15 Mar) - 3 Curlew (Dan Wrench)

Polemere (14 Mar) - Greenland White-fronted Goose again, 12.10pm (bns)

Venus Pool (14 Mar) -  Sand Martins and Hen Harrier (bns)


The Mere, Ellesmere (13 Mar) - Sand Martin and adult Med Gull in the roost (Robert Dowley)

Venus Pool (13 Mar) - 12 Sand Martins low over the Pool at 12.30pm (Helen Griffiths)

Wood Lane (13 Mar) - Sand Martin at 9.45 am, also 1 Redshank, 2 Gadwall, 2 Shoveler, 9 Shelduck and 10 Teal (B&M Jones)

Whixall Moss (12 Mar) - Chiffchaff heard on main track onto Moss from Morris bridge in willow scrub area on left hand side (Peter Bowyer)

Venus Pool (12 Mar) - 3 Sand Martins, Hen Harrier, 22 Corn Bunting, 50+ Yellowhammer, 40 Shoveler, 2 Oystercatcher, 2 Snipe 2 Curlew, Raven (Geoff Holmes)

Long Mynd (11 Mar) - 32 Golden Plover at Duckley Napp (Dave Pearce)

Venus Pool (11 Mar) - Hen Harrier again hunting over the seed field, also Merlin and Sparrowhawk. Corn Bunting flock still present. Towards dusk 10 Whooper Swan, Green Sandpiper and 2 drake and 2 duck Goosander flew in. 63 Mute Swans, Shelduck, Little Grebe (Martin Ryder)

Culmington (10 Mar) - Little Egret and 2 Dippers along the River Corve (Dave Pearce)

Whixall (10 Mar) - Little Egret on the floods and in the ditch in front of Fields Farm (Janice Docherty via Howard Prince)

Whittington (10 Mar) - Curlew flying over The Stanyards (Andy Cawthray)

Venus Pool (9 Mar) - ringtail Hen Harrier again. Also Water Rail, 22 Corn Bunting, 4 Curlew, pair Oystercatcher, Shelduck, Little Grebe, 9 drake 1 duck Pochard, 2 House Sparrow, Reed Buntings. No sign of Stonechat (Martin Ryder & Phil Harvey)

Kerri Ridgeway (8 Mar) - flock of c600 Fieldfare at Mason's Bank (Mark Wilson)

Leighton (8 Mar) - 3 Oystercatcher, 11 Goosander, 2 Red Kites (Glenn Bishton)

Black Hill, Clun (8 Mar) - Great Grey Shrike on south facing clear fell at 1pm. Flew off due east over spruce forest at 3pm, not seen afterwards. Also flock of 30 Lesser Redpoll and 6 Stonechats (David Stafford)

Venus Pool (8 Mar) - At least 22 Corn Buntings, several of which were singing. Also, a Curlew, a pair of Oystercatchers, and a pair of Shelduck (Helen Griffiths) photo

Whixall Moss (8 Mar) - male Hen Harrier again, first on Whixall Moss at the rear of Furbers at 9.15am, before flying onto Fenns Moss towards the old railway line (Howard Prince)

Fenns Moss (7 Mar) - male Hen Harrier again, by the old railway line. Stonechat, Morris Bridge area (Bob Harris)

Venus Pool (7 Mar) - ringtail Hen Harrier again (Rod Baggott) Stonechat (Mike Jeavons) photo

Brown Clee (6 March) Great Grey Shrike still - in hawthorn trees to the right of the access track, opposite the pond, 100-200m from the summit (Ian Barrie) photo

Newport, Telford (6 Mar) - possible African Chaffinch in a garden again (Martin Grant & Martin Ryder)

Newport, Telford (5 Mar) - possible African Chaffinch in a garden again (Jim Almond) See here for location details

Venus Pool (5 Mar) - ringtail Hen Harrier again (bns)

Venus Pool (4 Mar) - ringtail Hen Harrier again (Tony Webb) photo

Newport, Telford (4 Mar) - possible African Chaffinch in a garden again (Kris Webb) photos

Newport, Telford (3 Mar) - possible African Chaffinch photographed in a garden, for the third day (Kath Owen) photos

Venus Pool (1 Mar) - ringtail Hen Harrier again (Jim Almond)

Wall Farm Crudgington (1 Mar) - Curlew, Lapwing and 20+ Wigeon. An Otter caught on the camera trap (Stuart Edmunds)

The Mere, Ellesmere (28 Feb) - adult Med Gull in the roost (Martyn Owen)

Brown Clee (28 Feb) - Great Grey Shrike in hawthorn scrub near Abdon Burf summit (Martyn Owen)

Chelmarsh (28 Feb) - 2 drake Common Scoter in the morning (Martyn Owen)

Venus Pool (28 Feb) - ringtail Hen Harrier again. Also 17+ Corn Bunting (seen perched together, top field), 100+ Yellowhammer, Merlin and Sparrowhawk (Jim Almond & Craig Reed) photo

Church Stretton (27 Feb) - Little Egret still at Coppice Leasowes (Dave Richardson)

Venus Pool (27 Feb) - ringtail Hen Harrier again (Jim Almond)

Whixall Moss (26 Feb) - Short-eared Owl flushed from edge of track near midway of old rail line at 5.30pm. Returned to cover and not up by 6pm. At 5.45pm male Hen Harrier hunting & direct flying from SW to NE and back again til stays to ground at 5.55pm (Derek Sparkes)

Venus Pool (26 Feb) - ringtail Hen Harrier again (Dave Powner & Paul Burgess) photo

The Mere, Ellesmere (26 Feb) - 3 Med Gulls and an adult Yellow-legged Gull in the roost (Robert Dowley)

Venus Pool (25 Feb) - ring tail Hen Harrier again, also 4+ Corn Buntings with large flocks of Yellowhammers & Reed Buntings (Richard Eyres)

The Mere, Ellesmere (25 Feb) - 4 Med Gulls in the roost (Robert Dowley)

Church Stretton (24 Feb) - Little Egret on the marshy pasture just north of Coppice Leasowes (west side of A49) (Barrie Raynor)

Venus Pool (24 Feb) - ringtail Hen Harrier again (Paul Burgess) photo

Whixall Floods (24 Feb) - 4.45pm 16 Curlew, c100 Wigeon, c250 Teal (Howard Prince)

Shifnal (24 Feb) - 4 Goosander (1drake, 3f) on irrigation reservoir adj. railway, off Upton Lane, east of Shifnal. Five on 25 Feb (Steve Gill)

Polemere (21 Feb) - Curlew (Lewis Cowper)

Venus Pool (21 Feb) - ringtail Hen Harrier again, at 3.25pm over top field and quarry. Male Merlin briefly over hedgerow of top field (Martin Ryder & Roger Gibb) Corn Bunting (Mike Jeavons)

Venus Pool (20 Feb) - ringtail Hen Harrier again, over top field in the afternoon (Richard Pearce) photo

Whixall Moss (20 Feb) -  17 Pintail, c110 Wigeon, c225 Teal, c40 Shoveler. 2 Shelducks, 2 Oystercatchers. Mosses very quiet (Howard Prince)

Colemere (20 Feb) - Jack Snipe again (bns)

Polemere (20 Feb) - fem Goldeneye and Green Sand still. No sign of the White-fronted Goose - only 7 Greylag present. c60 Wigeon, c40 Teal, pair Goosander, 4 Snipe, c1000 Starlings, c40 Fieldfare (Mark Wilson) photo

The Mere, Ellesmere (19 Feb) - 2 Med Gulls (Robert Dowley) photo

The Mere, Ellesmere (18 Feb) - pale herring /hybrid gull (Robert Dowley) photo

Chelmarsh (18 Feb) - 1w Little Gull in the roost (bns)

Trench Pool (18 Feb) - adult Caspian Gull again in the afternoon (bns)

Hales/Chipnall (15 Feb) -  Tundra Bean Goose with Greylags on Shrops/Staffs border, between Hales & Chipnall, approx SJ727323 (Steven Turner) photo

Venus Pool (15 Feb) - ringtail Hen Harrier again, over top field at 1.30pm (Dawn Micklewright and Paul King)

The Mere, Ellesmere (15 Feb) - 3w Caspian Gull in roost; also 3w Yellow-legged Gull and 3 Mediterranean Gulls (bns)

Polemere (14 Feb) - Greenland White-fronted Goose on the bank on the far side from the hide (Mark Wilson) photo

Venus Pool (14 Feb) - 2 Corn Bunting with c.60 Yellowhammer and 10+ Reed Bunting at edge of field.  On the Pool; Oystercatcher, c.400 Lapwing, 4 Common Snipe, 23 Wigeon and 16 Shoveler (Jason Kernohan)

Trench Pool (12 Feb) - juv Glaucous Gull in the roost (Kris Webb) photo

Trench Pool (11 Feb) - 1w Caspian Gull again, also a 3w Caspian Gull late afternoon (bns)

Trench Pool (10 Feb) - 1w Caspian Gull again late afternoon (bns)

Polemere (10 Feb) - adult Greenland White-fronted Goose still (James Grundy) No sign in the afternoon (Tom Lowe)

Prees Heath Common (9 Feb) - 5-600 Lapwings in fields close to the Common SJ561375 (John Wilkinson)

Venus Pool (8 Feb) - ringtail Hen Harrier in the field (David Jones)

Wood Lane (8 Feb) - Merlin hunting, put up flock of Lapwings (Dave Pearce)

Colemere (8 Feb) - Jack Snipe, 5 Snipe, 8 Goosander and 8 Siskin (Dave Pearce)

Whixall Moss (8 Feb) - Male Hen Harrier and Short-eared Owl flushed from post 18 looking towards canal entrance. Harrier flew parallel to canal from Shrops into Wales. 12 Pintail on the floods (Clive Biddulph and Paul Johnston)

Trench Pool (7 & 8 Feb) - 1w Caspian Gull (Kris Webb) photo

Fenns Moss (7 Feb) - 2 Short-eared Owls flushed from the pathside (Howard Prince)

Polemere (7 Feb) - adult Greenland White-fronted Goose still at 11am (log book) Also Green Sandpiper (Tom Lowe)

Berriewood, Condover (6 Feb) - Jack Snipe at 3.30pm. Flushed from a muck heap on the aerodrome, it then dropped into a ryegrass field. Our first site record for Berriewood (Nigel Barratt)

Colemere (6 Feb) - 2w Caspian Gull briefly, before flying off towards Wood Lane. On the meres there was a total of 57 Cormorant and 56 Great-crested Grebe, including 51 on The Mere (Kris Webb) photo

Wood Lane (6 Feb)
- 19 Shelduck today. 35 noted in the log book for 5 Feb (Kris Webb)

The Mere (6 Feb)
- Glaucous x Herring Gull type, also adult Yellow legged Gull in the roost (Robert Dowley)

Wykey (5 Feb) - Little Egret (via Will Jones)

The Ercall (5 Feb) - Lesser Spotted Woodpecker in the Ercall woods, beside the path skirting the eastern side of the quarry opposite The Wrekin (Mike Waller)

The Wall Farm, Kynnersley (5 Feb) - 100 Corn Buntings around the stubbles and seed mixtures. Also 78 Teal and 2 Snipe on the ice (Mike Shurmer)

The Mere (5 Feb) - 3 Yellow legged Gulls (2 ads & 2w) in the roost (Robert Dowley)

Trench Pool (4 Feb) - 1st winter Little Gull in the evening. Also fem Pintail and 19 Shoveler (Kris Webb) photos

The Mere, Ellesmere (4 Feb) - 2 adult Yellow-legged Gulls (Robert Dowley)

Polemere (4 Feb) - adult Greenland White-fronted Goose flew in with Greylags and Canada Geese at 8.30am, remained half an hour bathing and preening then flew out again to feed in adjacent field. Goldeneye also still present (Martin Ryder)

Trench Pool (3 Feb) - Probable 2w Thayer's Gull in the morning (Kris Webb)  photos 1w Caspian Gull in the afternoon, no sign of Thayer's (Jim Almond)

Polemere (3 Feb) - Greenland White-fronted Goose showing well on the near bank. Also Goldeneye and Green Sandpiper (James Grundy)

Venus Pool (3 Feb) - 225 Teal, 60 Wigeon, 95 Mallard, 11 Shoveler, c20 Snipe, 2 Water Rail, 79 Mute Swan on Cound Fishery (Geoff Holmes)

Trench Pool (2 Feb) - juv Iceland Gull in the roost, also 1w Caspian Gull (Kris Webb) photo

Oswestry (2 Feb) - Little Egret flying over Whittington to Gobowen road nr River Perry, Fern Hill Farm at 8.30am (Andy Cawthray)

Shrewsbury (1 Feb) - c.120 Golden Plover on winter barley at the junction of the A49 and the Condover turn just south of Bayston Hill. Also 30-40 Lapwings at 12.20pm (Nigel Barratt)

Trench Pool (1 Feb) - 2w Caspian Gull at 1.55pm (Kris Webb) photo

Cole Mere (1 Feb) - flocks totalling c200 Siskin and Redpoll (via Shrops Wildlife Trust)

Shrewsbury (31 Jan) - 8 Goosanders under the English Bridge - 6 male and 2 female (Patrick Perry)

Gobowen (30 Jan) - Little Egret by the River Perry today. Reported to have been present for a week (David Hudson)

Telford (29 Jan) - ad Caspian Gull & 3 Yellow-legged Gulls (ad & 2x1w) late morning (Tom Lowe)

High Ercall (28 Jan) - c100 Golden Plover displaying over stubble. Also c200 lLapwing (Stuart Edmunds)

Polemere (26 Jan) - Goldeneye and Green Sandpiper (Dave Barrow)

Coundlane (25 Jan) - 2 ad Bewick's Swans, 9 Whooper Swans (Jim Almond)

Crudgington (25 Jan) - Substantial flock of Golden Plover, estimated at 1200-1500 last couple of days (Jon Porter)

Linley Hill & Stiperstones (24 Jan) - 3+ Bramblings with Chaffinches in beech trees Linley Hill SO360950. Male Merlin at dusk near Birchope SO374957. Male Red Grouse near Shepherd's Rock, Stiperstones (Pete Lewis)

Long Mynd (24 Jan) - male Merlin hunting at Boiling Well. 2 Red Grouse also seen (Dave Pearce)

Telford (24 Jan) - 1w Caspian Gull in field opposite the crematorium until 1.15pm when it flew towards Granville Landfill Site (Kris Webb) photo

Telford (24 Jan) - hybrid ring-billed Gull x Lesser-black-backed Gull at Telford Crematorium, back for it's forth winter. Also the Cackling Canada Goose (poss minima) is feeding in the fields with Canada Geese in the same area (Kris Webb)

Polemere (23 Jan) - female Goldeneye and Green Sandpiper (Mark Wilson) photos

Atcham (23 Jan) - The long resident injured Pink-footed Goose still present (Martyn Owen)

Shrewsbury (22 Jan) - Kingfisher seen twice at Burrs Field (via twitter)

Atcham (21 Jan) - 2 Bewick's Swans and 12 Whoopers in fields 800m downstream of Atcham Bridge, St Eata's side of River (Terry Cripps)

Polemere (21 Jan) - Goldeneye and Green Sandpiper, also 150+ Teal (James Grundy)

Market Drayton (20 Jan) - c150 Golden Plover in flight over fields south of Sandford nr Market Drayton (Dave Barnes)

Shrewsbury (20 Jan) - 15 Goosander between English Bridge and Coleham footbridge (John Powell) photo

Shrewsbury (18 Jan) - 100+ Golden Plover at Bayston Hill (John Clark)

The Mere, Ellesmere (18 Jan) - 1w Little Gull and Med Gulls in the roost again (Anthony Griffiths & Robert Dowley) photo

Shrewsbury (18 Jan) - Pink-footed Geese heard over Heath Farm, but not seen (Chris Cameron)

Polemere (18 Jan) - 2 Water Rail and Green Sandpiper (via Dawn Balmer)

Catherton Common (17 Jan) - Jack Snipe flushed at Upper Marshes. A pair of Stonechat also of note as both un-ringed (Jason Kernohan)

The Mere, Ellesmere (17 Jan) - 1w Little Gull and 1w Med Gull in the roost (Anthony Griffiths) photo

The Mere, Ellesmere (16 Jan) - 1w Little Gull in the roost. Also ad Caspian Gull, Yellow-legged Gull (Robert Dowley)

The Mere, Ellesmere (15 Jan) - 2 1w Med Gulls in the roost. Also 2 Yellow-legged Gulls (ad,1w). Woodcock flew over the road south of Cockshutt (John Reeves)

Edgerley (13 Jan) - 27 Whooper Swans (inc 6 juveniles). Another group also heard trumpeting in the distance (Rodney Farmer) photo

Benthall (12 Jan) - Flock of 50+ fieldfares (with a few redwings) in field at The Vineyards. Also yellowhammers and jay. The Vineyards is between Benthall Hall and Much Wenlock, on the Shropshire Way (John Powell)

Venus Pool (11 Jan) - 2 Bewick's Swans and 6 Whooper Swans in at 5pm (Jim Almond)

Venus Pool (10 Jan) - Chiffchaff to left of hide, 6 Redpoll, 20+ Yellowhammer, Green Woodpecker (Mark Wilson) photo

Whitemere (10 Jan) - Little Egret (Graham Walker)

 The Mere, Ellesmere (10 Jan) - c20 Goldeneye, 115 Cormorants, 52 Wigeon and 20 Great Crested Grebe (Graham Walker)

Wood Lane (10 Jan) - Oystercatcher (Graham Walker)

Coundlane (9 Jan) - 2 ad Bewick's swans in the afternoon (James Grundy)

Coundlane (8 Jan) - 2 ad Bewick's Swans, 9 Whooper Swans at midday (Martyn Owen)

Venus Pool & Coundlane (7 Jan) - 2 adult Bewick's swans and 2 adult whooper swans at VP this morning, joined briefly by 4 more adult whoopers. Later, 13 whoopers at Coundlane - the usual family of 8, 1 lone adult, and 4 other adults which seemed particularly wary. Later, two Bewick's, 12 whoopers and c 40 mutes in to roost (Helen Griffiths)

Condover Park (7 Jan) - Male Merlin again (Nigel Barratt)

Priorslee Lake (5 Jan) - At 3pm: 600 Lesser Black-backed Gulls, 200 Herring Gulls, 72 Greater Black-backed Gulls, 5 Yellow-legged Gulls and a 3cy Caspian Gull hybrid  (Tom Lowe)

Whitchurch (5 Jan) - Starling murmuration at 3.50pm (Sylvia Walker)

Venus Pool (3 Jan) - male goldeneye, pair pintail, 120+ wigeon, 140+ teal, c40 shoveler, pair pochard, c40 snipe (Helen Griffiths)

Ellesmere (2 Jan) - 121 Pintail and adult Yellow-legged Gull in the roost at 4.10pm (Robert Dowley)

Long Mynd (2 Jan) - 95 Golden Plover over the north end at 10.30am (Maurice Baker)

Priorslee Lake (2 Jan) - 4 Yellow-legged Gulls (2ads, 3cy, 2cy) and adult Common Gull (Tom Lowe)

Venus Pool (2 Jan) - No sign of the Greenland White-fronted Goose (bns) 2 Marsh Tit by the main hide (Mark Wilson)

Chetwynd Pool, Newport (2 Jan) - No sign of the Smew. 6 Goosander present (3m) (Ian and Martin Grant)

Chetwynd Pool, Newport (1 Jan) - 2 Smew reported at 1pm, on the west side, viewed from the road. (bns) No sign at 4pm, though light fading (Ian Grant) If you saw the Smew, please could you contact Martyn Owen (County Recorder)

Venus Pool (1 Jan) - Greenland White-fronted Goose with Greylags in field across the lane from the reserve at 9am. Flew onto Pool at 10am and again in the afternoon (various) Flew off NE at 4pm (Will Jones) photo

Coundlane (1 Jan) - 89 Mute Swans and 9 Whoopers (7 juvs) by A458 (Yvonne C)

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