A Splendid Addition to your Birding Library

The Society has received a generous donation of a full set of the nine-volume hardback book set of Handbook of the Birds of the Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, often known by its subtitle of The Birds of the Western Palearctic or just BWC for short. The set was published by Oxford University Press. The donor has suggested that the books be sold, with the proceeds going to SOS funds. The set, edited by S. Cramp and K. Simmons (with others), is one of the most important ornithological reference works and a comprehensive regional avifauna for our zoogeographical region. Described by British Birds as a “monumental and utterly indispensable undertaking”, it was published volume-by-volume between 1977 and 1994 and is now out of print and hard to obtain.

The books are accompanied by a CD-ROM version (BWP-i) dated 2006. (It is not known whether this disc will run under current operating systems.)

The volumes are in superb condition, all with dust jackets, and meet the eBay “fine” criterion for book condition (i.e. “book and dust jacket should be crisp without noticeable flaws or defects”).

The actual volumes being offered for sale are shown on the following images.

Used editions of the nine-volume set are currently being offered online for amounts ranging from £175.00 to £525.00 (average about £315.00), with variation largely dependent on condition.

The book set and the CD-ROM will be sold as a set to the highest bidder. To make an offer by the preferred method, please email the Society Treasurer at treasurer@shropshirebirds.co.uk, with your:

  • offer
  • full name
  • address and
  • telephone number.

If you are unable to use email, we will accept phone call offers to (01743) 367 576 providing the same information listed above.

Bidding will end at midnight on January 15th/16th, 2018.

The anonymous current highest bid will be posted on the SOS website (http://www.shropshirebirds.com/) under “Breaking News”. This will be updated every few days initially but more often as the bid deadline approaches.

The SOS reserves the right to withdraw the items from sale to the highest bidder if the amount offered is deemed to be below a reasonable market value.

Get this important and useful work for your birding bookshelf – bid high and bid often! The SOS and local birds will benefit.


Page updated: 01/12/2017